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A Little Toon Trouble
The soft earth liquified beneath her, absorbing her sweet legs, gripping them and resisting as she tried to pull them out.
There is no telling how deep it is, or how much of her the mud would accept...but it was getting awfully close to somewhere she didnt want it to reach...
Hopelessly entangled, Helena's athletic body trembled as the monstrous spider approached. She knew what to expect- the toxin from a bite that would essentially paralyze her until she would be fed upon.
She felt no pain from the bite...nor did paralysis come...
Warmth washed thru her squirming body, tingly and erotic...her slender hips writhing slowly. She didnt realize she would be affected this way...this wasnt a paralysis was more aphrodisiac!
And if the horrible spider injected the trapped young girl with that, then it must mean...oh god, no!
Moments later, her captor mounted her wriggling body, making her squeal as it pushed her over the edge immediately...if only it would stop there...!
Never Go Alone!
... her bf was always telling Clarisse, concerned she would get herself into a compromising situatiin. Still, the young girl felt she was an adult and should be able to take care of things herself.
Like the sounds she was hearing in the basement.
Easing herself down the stairs, she kept a watchful eye out...for all the good that did her...
Without warning, dozens of tentacles burst from seams in the stairs, wriggling and squirming. One wasted no time coiling itself upwards along her sleek leg. The surprised girl yelped, feeling its rubbery substance tug at her. It was, in fact, too slippery to maintain its grip as she tried to tug free, but others were reaching for the pretty girl. If she toppled into them...!
Why hadnt she listened to her lover"s advice??


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Discarded shoes/clothes allude - an image is a puzzle pieced together by our imagination

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I work with cement...its harsh and abrasive and burns...but I will see what I can do
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