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Spider Lust
Akira squirmed and struggled, but the webbing was unbreakable. She let out a pitched squeal as the huge arachnid mounted her, and then another, mortified that her young, helpless body should be responding to such a vile, lustful act.
She struggled to quell the swelling climaxes as hard as she did to free herself from the sticky webs, with equal futility; the fiend drew the physical passions from her repeatedly, bringing a final, agonized squeal before the poor young girl passed out..

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Sue had a talent for being able to study her smartphone while walking about, a talent she made daily use of. Those that knew her would say how rare it is to see her looking about as she marched purposefully towards whatever destination required her presence at any given time. THis suited her admirers just fine, affording them significant opportunity to ogle the attractive professional without the annoying tension of needing balance optimal viewing chances with the rare skill of having his attention already fixed elsewhere should she glance in his direction.
This morning was no different; with her attention fixed on said phone, she effortlessly navigated the bustling lobby of the office building and joined a small group in an available elevator. Engrossed in the writings of a new online friend, she had happily minimized the existence of the people about her to vague shadows around her and paid them no mind. 
At first.
It took some time for it to register that the other riders were uncomfortably close. A brush of movement against her arm, the person behind her close enough that Sue could sense breathing, the back of a hand lightly resting against her hip. She found herself feeling a bit annoyed; she wanted to read! Slight shifts in position and posture provided relief, but placed her in reach of others. 
As she checked foot proximity to see if she had room to step aside, Sue finally looked up and paused. The woman at her side was stunning- silky black hair draped over her shoulders, intense blue eyes peered back from behind glasses, sharply dressed for corporate life, and posture that denoted confident authority, much like the type that Sue herself exuded. The women locked eyes for a moment, then the smile given by the lovely stranger seemed genuine enough, if a tiny bit mischievous. Sue responded with and and a slight smile as well. Normally, this would have been the sum total of any thought she would have given the event, but Sue was a bit churned internally by the risque tale she was reading from her new aquaintance. 
This resulted in competing thoughts for the self-described cougar...what predatory thoughts lurked behind the glance of the attractive woman, along with her own ideas of aggressive interaction on her own part. Sue returned to her reading to quell the streams of thought.
The close proximity issue continued. People were definitely closer than Sue preferred, though she had mixed feelings about the lingering contact from the brunette. Sue chose to try to silently endure these things for the duration of the elevator ride. It had come to a stop, presumably to allow some to disembark. The brunette had removed her glasses and, reaching up to tie her beautiful hair back, brushed her elbow alongside Sue's healthy breast. The story she had been reading had produced some inward churnings, and the personal contact had an effect that surprised and jolted Sue a bit. Looking over, she found the brunette stepping up to her with an apology. NO sooner had the words been issued than the stranger leaned in and locked delicious lips over Sue's in a firm kiss that wasn't being broken off. A stifled gasp came from the shocked woman, whose pretty eyes widened above reddening cheeks. When the kiss continued, Sue attempted to withdraw, without success. The brunette gripped Sue's head from behind and kept her firmly in place, but worse, all the other occupants turned to face the women and closed in. Pressed from every side, the struggling girl had no place to withdraw to. A dozen hands began to roam Sue's curvy body with intent, making the poor girl jump and give clipped shrieks from behind the luscious lips that refused to abandon their purchase over hers, the brunette's scent definitely affecting her. Several hands caressed her plump breasts, and Sue had cause for concern here; particularly sensitive to touch, it would be hard to quell what they were feeling. THis was made worse when the hands clasped her bra and lifted it clear of them and left hanging, partially uncovered just below her neck. 
Hands were all over her vulnerable breasts now, gently sliding and caressing, persistently but not aggressively, spaces between fingers dragging across her hardening nipples. This was getting to Sue, and she knew it.
Other hands caressed her hips, lifted her skirt, clasped the strong cheeks of her ass, held her waist, stroked her trembling legs. It was becoming increasingly hard to endure, with poor Sue gasping protests wordlessly behind this intoxicating kiss that wouldn't release her.
Hands gripped the front of her wriggling hips, and Sue almost panicked as she felt someone press against her from behind. Everything was still contained, but someone's hardness was being wriggled in between her shapely cheeks, gently and rhythmically grinding. The searing brunette finally released her lips from Sue's, nibbling their way along her neck, until they nuzzled in tightly, plucking at Sue's tender ear lobe with gentle teeth and lips.
Goose bumps swarmed Sue's entire body then, she felt herself heat up and quiver a bit. Hyperventilating before she could breathe enough, she found her voice even as all that touching and fondling seemed to amplify her sensitivity, " Omg! " her voice squeaked, " What...what are you...eep! Hey! Stop! You c-can'! Omg! EEK! Not that! NO! I...I...p-please!"
THe group quietly disregarded her pleas and continued without breaking rhythm. Only the brunettes breathing and nippling increased, making the struggling woman melt within in spite of herself. It was becoming too much. The woman famous for self control and being stoic was being chipped away at, and she couldn't stop it.
" Oh god! Stop! P-please! "
A pitched squeal accompanied a jolt when the brunettes petite hand slid beneath Sue's tiny panties and began to massage Sue's delicate ladyhood, almost imperceptively at first, then with a tiny increase in pressure. Sue's silky legs tremored and began to buckle for a second. It hadn't occurred to her that no one had taken things there yet. This was definitely a practiced, rehearsed situation, and she had been chosen to be so handled.
" No...oh god, no..." he quivering voice lacked the strong authority Sue was long accustomed to. The brunettes loving touch amplified everything her poor body was experiencing. She couldn't let them have her, musn't let them push her over that edge. Squeezing her pretty eyes shut, she fought as hard as she could...
But this was anticipated...they knew of her strong will and that she would try to bring it into play. Without a spoken word, several shifted postures, and Sue jolted and shrieked aloud when several more hands slid along her body and joined the brunette's in her most delicate place...
With an impassioned cry, Sue's body caved to the swelling torment being inflicted on her, overwhelming her. SHe couldn't see, heard only her own cries that matched every breath she took, along with every wave of erotic passion that washed through her like a physical force. Her trembling legs gave, but they held her up as she spasmed. Hands clutched her breasts firmly, her hardened nips force pressing into hot palms. Squirming fingers gently worked her pulsing ladyhood, coercing wave after wave of sensual throbbing from her bucking hips. It seemed to go on forever, as unrelenting as their attention to her. Until...Until, finally...
her wracked body began to subside, spent. Her head spinning, she was barely aware of being lowered to the floor and propped in a corner. The doors opened and the group silently filed out, followed by the brunette ringleader, who kissed Sue's hot cheek and left as silently as the others. 
The entire ordeal was only a minute or two, they had so expertly coerced such passion form her unsuspecting body. It would take much longer for the aftershocks to stop making her quiver again and allow her the strength to stand and regain her composure. She never remembered how she got home, only awakening many hours later after a day and night full of dreams of erotic torment.
It would be many long seasons before Sue could see the brunette without her body flushing, bracing itself for the torture it had that one time had inflicted on her. Nothing was ever said, but she would never fully recover...


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