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Getting The Last Word
" You like the quickmud, bitch?"
Jasmine paced the perimeter of the muckhole as the other girl gasped and struggled not to sink.
" Did you really think I didn't know you were sleeping with my man?"
She paused to enjoy the shocked gasps of her rival as the mud began to lap at her private places...
" Don't worry, Sweetheart...since it's that important to you to have a romantic connection...there is a little something living underneath there. You will find out, any minute now, that it is very male...and very lonely! Have fun with that! Toodles!"
With a mock, finger-wiggling wave, she sauntered off, pretending not to hear the desperate pleas for forgiveness and help...but very much hearing the shocked squeals that signified that she and the lonely male critter were indeed being introduced to each other.
Now to deal with her man...
Played Too Long
Angela loved getting out of work early when its not expected. As she walked her street in the first sunshine all week, all the mud on the road's shoulder caught her eye. It was tempting, but what if a car went by? Awkwarrrrrrd!
Still...she wasnt thinking clearly. Would it be so bad to poke around a LITTLE? If anyone stopped to question her, hey, a car was coming, she HAD to get out of the way, right? Aiming for a spot between two bits of standing water, the giddy girl half stepped, half hopped over, and.. 
She was rewarded with the disappearance of her little feet...when her ankles were swallowed, there seemed to be a pause, and a tiny shift of weight and one leg plunged to the knee. Angela gave a brief squeal of surprise and exuberance; the feel if the thick muck sucking her leg in was quite the unexpected rush. After a few awkward seconds, her other leg oozed down as well, and the pretty girl, breathing heavily, giggled nervously and began shifting her weight. The gooey, clingy mud was distracting her as she tried to think of the best course of action. She nervously scanned the road, dreading seeing an approaching vehicle. She hadnt planned to be in this deep. Worse, she was still sinking. Thick muck lazily pulled her legs down into itself, giving impressive resistance when she tried to lift one leg. The suction felt delicious actually, too delicious; she both smiled and bit her lip as her silky thighs oozed in. Then she shuddered for a moment...if this felt so good, how about when it reaches...
Eyes wide, she jolted herself from her erotic reverie. That something was about to be reached! Checking for cars again, Angela hiked up her skirt and looked to see where she stood. Shit...she wasnt wearing underwear, not that what passed for her underwear would offer much encouagement. Squirming, she felt and watched the delicious suction inch higher and higher. This was inevitable. A little more sucking, and then a gasped squeal as she received the muds first gentle kiss. 
And then it got really interesting...


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How will you know if she is Barefoot if she is in cement?
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Discarded shoes/clothes allude - an image is a puzzle pieced together by our imagination

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I work with cement...its harsh and abrasive and burns...but I will see what I can do
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